Are You a Chronic Self-Abandoner?

By Brianna Johnson | Apr. 30, 2018

Self-abandonment is when you reject, suppress or ignore part of yourself in real-time. In other words, you have a need or desire you want to meet, and (often on the spot) you make the decision not to meet it. Sound familiar?

Encouraging Youth to Share their Stories

By Luna Greenstein | Apr. 27, 2018

As a society, we should be encouraging young people to be open about their mental health rather than allowing them to struggle in silence. So, we’ve teamed up with Adobe Project 1324 to get young people involved in breaking the stigma—through art.

The Double Standard of Mental Illness

By Michelle Walshe | Apr. 25, 2018

"If a family member walked into your living room, bent over in pain and screaming for help, what would you do? You would help, of course. But with mental health, the picture is so different."

Anxiety, My Companion

By Luna Greenstein | Apr. 23, 2018

"My relationship with Anxiety is like what they say about falling in love: 'gradual and then all at once.'"

How I Healed Myself of Shame

By Beverly Engel, LMFT | Apr. 18, 2018

"It took me many years to rid myself of the shame that followed me nearly all my life. The important thing is that you just begin to heal your shame, so it doesn’t dictate your life."

My First Voice

By Mindy Tsai | Apr. 16, 2018

"No one, including family and close friends, has ever asked me about the first time I heard a voice. I think it’s a tough topic to talk about. Hearing voices isn’t considered normal. Regardless, I remember."

Showing Strength in the Face of Mental Illness

By Jennifer Pellecchia | Apr. 11, 2018

"After three decades of battling my brain, I thought it was time for me to do something to help people understand. That’s why I decided last year to use my annual PlanksGiving event to support mental health advocacy and NAMI."

My Recovery Started At Breakfast

By Bob Griggs | Apr. 09, 2018

"In my growing depression, I had lost the ability to enjoy anything, but that morning, I enjoyed my breakfast. Such a little thing, an institutional breakfast on a tray, but it was the first good thing I had had in a long time."

Building Bonds Behind Bars with NAMI Peer-to-Peer

By Sarah O'Brien | Apr. 02, 2018

"I was inside the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women to co-lead a three-day NAMI Peer-to-Peer training. Knowing that I could leave didn’t help; I still felt trapped when I heard all those doors lock behind me."