How Labels Impacted My Mental Health

By Achea Redd | Aug. 26, 2019
"Trauma from my past and present combined with the heavy weight I bore from the labels I carried were like gasoline, and all it took was a spark to set my life ablaze."

To the Moon and Back

By Juliette Hirt | Aug. 21, 2019
"Many people hide their illness, which is understandable. Stigma and discrimination are real. But in a healthy community, we support one another when someone is ill."

My OCD Confession

By Katrina Holmes | Aug. 19, 2019
"OCD owns the word "disorder" because it debilitates. It crashes through you like a bulldozer and asks you to pick up the pieces."

What it Feels Like to be in Psychosis

By Andrea Paquette | Aug. 14, 2019
"While I was experiencing psychosis, I believed the torment would never cease. But it did, and I want others to know that psychosis will not always persist. There is help and hope in all situations."

A Letter to Those I Love

By Talia Bina | Aug. 14, 2019
"All I ask of you is to understand. To know that I’m sorry for pushing you away, for not being the most engaged friend, for cancelling plans and acting differently. All I ask is that you understand, you support me and you love me."

The Role of Mental Health Education

By Doug Colbeth | Aug. 12, 2019
In order to recieve the best possible treatment, those with mental illness and their family members need access to an in-depth mental health education. 

Loosening the Grip of Mental Illness

By Laura Susanne Yochelson | Aug. 09, 2019
"Loosening the grip of mental illness took a full year. No one flipped a switch. The transition from the world inside my head to the world outside was not only difficult but also fragile."
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