This is For Me

By Kathryn van Roosendaal | Feb. 24, 2020
"I have learned it is extremely difficult for someone who is "neurotypical" (without a mental illness) to understand what it’s like to have your own mind turn against you. So, I will speak out and beg you to understand."

Climbing out of the Hole

By Gregory Duncan | Feb. 21, 2020
"I don’t know entirely what other grief is like, but dealing with suicide felt like being in a hole. You want someone to come by and help you out of the hole. Then you learn that if someone does throw you a rope, you still have to climb out of that hole yourself."

How PTSD Affected My Life

By John Driscoll, EdD | Feb. 19, 2020
"I was finally diagnosed with PTSD, and although it was not a diagnosis I wanted, having a diagnosis meant I could educate myself on my disorder and learn to live with it."

My Promise as a Mental Health Nurse

By Shanda Whittle MSN, RN, CNL | Feb. 10, 2020
"In my 17 years of nursing, I’ve become an advocate for those who are vulnerable to the discrimination against mental illness. I bear the scars of this epidemic in our society."

Is This Recovery?

By Gabrielle Szynski | Feb. 05, 2020
"I did not win this time, but perhaps I will tomorrow. I may not be recovered right now. I may not be in a normal state of mind, but I will be again."
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