A Sermon of Truth About Depression

By Kathy Hurt | Jan. 23, 2018

"The stigma felt especially daunting in the context of my profession: Pastors are supposed to be paradigms of perfection, to be endowed with the sort of faith that keeps them immune from something like mental illness."

Being the Person My 13-Year-Old Self Needed

By Brooke Johnson | Jan. 22, 2018

"Fast-forward six years: I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. It was six years of feeling completely alone. Six years of feeling like I was the only person that felt the way I did. Six years of feeling helpless."

The Comorbidity of Anxiety and Depression

By Beth Salcedo, MD | Jan. 19, 2018

Some estimates show that 60% of those with anxiety will also have symptoms of depression, and the numbers are similar for those with depression also experiencing anxiety.

Understanding Dysthymia

By Luna Greenstein | Jan. 17, 2018

While someone with major depressive disorder will typically “cycle” through episodes of feeling severely depressed and then be symptom-free for periods of time, dysthymia presents with persistent symptoms for years.

5 Sleep Tips that Can Help with Depression

By Sarah Cummings | Jan. 12, 2018

The relationship between sleep and mental illness, specifically depression, is complicated. But everyone experiencing depression should work to improve and regulate their sleep because there are only benefits to be had.

Realistic New Year’s Resolutions: Living with Depression

By Ryann Tanap and Christine Allen | Jan. 10, 2018

Living with mental illness this time of year can be particularly difficult. There’s a lot of pressure to “start over” or “begin again” or revamp how you live your entire life. But this stigmatizing thought process is not only unhelpful, it’s actually harmful to mental health recovery. 

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