Want to Know How to Help a Friend?

MAR. 30, 2016

By Luna Greenstein

It can be challenging to know how to react when you notice a friend exhibiting signs of a mental health condition. It's important first to be able to recognize those warning signs and to then be able to talk with your friend about their situation in a way that is comfortable for them. NAMI has created this infographic to highlight a few steps you should follow in order to help a friend that is going through problems with their mental health. 

Download the infographic.


APR, 02, 2016 08:53:12 AM
paula rhoads
I had a brain injury, which can exhibit many mental illness symptoms, and result in incorrect diagnosis if sent to the psychology department. Correct diagnostic imaging can accomplish treatment immediately instead of waiting 6 months ( wrong!) or incorrect antidepressant prescription (this is how you can go to prison). Seek brain injury specialist or neurology department.

APR, 02, 2016 08:48:52 AM
paula rhoads
These are great. I would add: Q. Have you had a crash or hit your head recently? Did you tell your doctor? Any periods of missing memory? Have you had a triple tessla MRI brainscan recently?

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