Dear Potential Employers

By Michelle Yang | Mar. 29, 2019
"Mental health advocates have long recognized what we're fighting is beyond stigma. It is discrimination. This fear was why I hid my diagnosis all these years."

Treating the Whole Person

By Allison White, ACSW, LCSW, CCDP-D | Mar. 25, 2019
"We must break down the silos that separate physical and mental health, because everything is connected: Physical symptoms affect a person’s mental health, and a mental health diagnosis may increase the risk for physical health-related issues."

When A New Job Became My Worst Nightmare

By Anne Russell Gregory | Mar. 22, 2019
"Three months after my hospitalizations, I got my overdue six-month review. The director cataloged every mistake I ever made so that my four-page evaluation read like an attack. I was demoted, pushed to the back of the office and stripped of my previous responsibilities."

My Brother is Not a Threat, He Has Schizophrenia

By Xochitl Villarrealis | Mar. 15, 2019
"Many times, I asked the police why they approached him. I was often told someone reported him as a 'suspicious person' lingering too long in one spot or that his appearance made some people uncomfortable, despite being in public spaces."

When I Was Fired After Medical Leave

By Amy Taylor, MS, CTRS | Mar. 13, 2019
"Before I left on medical leave, I had taken on additional work to help a colleague whose husband was very ill and had been out for a few weeks, so I carried her caseload. Apparently, they have a different standard if you take leave because of mental illness."

That Time in the Psych Ward

By Katherine Ponte, BA, JD, MBA, CPRP | Mar. 11, 2019
"My inpatient experiences traumatize me to this day. We need to focus on how it can be better, to turn psychiatric hospitalization into a constructive turning point towards recovery."

It’s Not Stigma, It’s Discrimination

By Sue Abderholden | Mar. 07, 2019

Often when we talk about stigma, we are actually talking about discrimination. We need to claim what people are experiencing as a civil and human rights issue and demand an end to discrimination.

But I was a Victim, Right?

By Cohen Miles-Rath | Mar. 05, 2019

"I was twenty-two years old and in my last semester of undergraduate college when I suffered two psychotic breaks. During this time, I was unable to control my thoughts and behavior."

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