Sisyphus and the Seed

By Marcella Allison | May. 16, 2016

From the hill to the summit, or not. Marcella Allison believes caring for someone with mental illness does not have to be some "endless Sisyphean task." Read more to find out how NAMI's Family-to-Family educational program has helped her family manage their son's mental health challenges. 

These Take the Prize: Journalists and Mental Health Advocacy

By Bob Carolla | May. 12, 2016

Pulitzer Prizes represent the highest honors for print journalism and this past month marked the 100th anniversary of the awards where several selections focused on mental health concerns and bringing attention and awareness to the movement. Here is a recap of the journalists and advocates who took the prize. 

A Voice at the Table: NAMI and Community Partnerships

By Donald Turnbaugh | May. 09, 2016

A twenty year NAMI member/supporter recounts the impact of NAMI's grassroots foundation and offers and insightful assessment of NAMI's community partnerships to encourage others to seek NAMI for support for mental health. 

Gifts That Give Back

By Luna Greenstein | May. 02, 2016

Are you looking for a meaningful gift for mom for Mother's Day? NAMI has a few ideas about how to impress mom while also giving back to the mental health community.