How TV Shows Make Me Feel Less Alone

By DeWanda Wise | May. 31, 2019
"When my depression hits, my body feels restricted, as though a weight I cannot see has made a home on my chest. The only thing I latch onto is knowing I’ve come out of it before. I think we all need that one thread to help pull us through."

Are the Kids Really Learning About Mental Health?

By Tracy Greenberg | May. 20, 2019
Now more than ever, children are learning about mental health in school. However, mental health issues among young people is still on the rise. We need to ensure that our children are not just learning how to seek help, but are actually acting on it. 

You Can Be Strong and Still Seek Help

By Chris Hubbard | May. 17, 2019
"Even when you sign the contract of a lifetime, your anxiety doesn’t just fade away. You are still playing a high intensity game that wears on you every day, beating you down physically and emotionally. But there’s always a way to get help."

The Example Celebrities With Mental Illness Set

By Izzy Gonçalves | May. 15, 2019
Celebrities talking about mental illness can help reduce stigma as long as their message isn't sensationalized. If a celebrity is being honest about their mental health issues, their example is likely to be helpful. 

Why It’s Important to Unplug Sometimes

By Carrie Cantwell | May. 10, 2019
Technology is great for helping you manage mental health conditions and medications, but online social media and shopping sites can present dangers for conditions like bipolar disorder. Here are tips for interacting with the internet when you are symptomatic.

The Power of Music to Spread Hope

By Nate Botsford | May. 06, 2019
As one country singer-songwriter discovered, the messages in music can help ease pressure in a world filled with others' expectations of you and your expectations of yourself.

Gamers Champion Mental Health Awareness

By Patrick McMahon | May. 03, 2019

RPG Limit Break is back again this Mental Health Month, speedrunning video games to raise awareness about mental illness and funds for NAMI. This event is what happens when we all band together for a common cause.

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