How Buddhism Benefits Mental Health

By Laura Greenstein | Oct. 31, 2016

Although Buddhism is primarily known as a spiritual tradition, it is also a lifestyle that encompasses the mind in almost all forms of practice. 

Viewing ADHD with A More Positive Attitude

By Laura Greenstein | Oct. 28, 2016

While putting a positive spin on mental illnesses can seem like an insurmountable challenge, it is possible. ADHD is more than not being able to focus or sit still—it’s having a power house brain that can be difficult to control. 

Time is Ticking on Early Psychosis

By Darcy Gruttadaro | Oct. 26, 2016

Similar to cancer, schizophrenia begins in stages (with psychosis developing early), and similar to cancer, providing care at the earliest possible stage produces the best results. But with psychosis, many people don’t seek help right away.

NAMI Family-to-Family: Lessons of Forgiveness

By Debra Moore | Oct. 19, 2016

Family-to-Family provides family members not only the opportunity to learn more about mental health, but also to help them heal and forgive their family members for the strife that sometimes accompanies mental illness.

What Courage Really Looks Like

By Danei Edelen | Oct. 07, 2016

When you live with a mental health condition, courage is required from the moment you wake up. This #MIAW, it's time we recognize and applaud that courage.

Do You Know the Layers of Self-Advocacy?

By Traci Noelle | Oct. 05, 2016

Mental illness can damage self-esteem, but when we advocate for ourselves, we are able to repair some of that damage. This Mental Illness Awareness Week, learn how you can be a better self-advocate.

Together, We Can Save a Life

By Screening for Mental Health | Oct. 03, 2016

This National Depression Screening Day—held on Thursday, October 6—we are encouraging everyone to take advantage of the free resources available to get insight into your own mental health.