Clarifying the Nature of Psychiatric Diagnoses

By Jordan Parks | Oct. 18, 2019
"We must be precise, united and bold in standing for the unique nature of each individual. We have to stop perpetuating the myth that a psychiatric diagnosis is simultaneously an identity statement, a case study and a personality profile."

Mental Health Conditions Seen in Childhood

By Kristen Fuller, M.D. | Oct. 09, 2019
While many people believe the myth that "kids can't be diagnosed with a mental health condition," the reality is that one in every six youth aged 6-17 experience a mental health condition each year. 

Six Myths and Facts about Mental Illness

By Sky Lea Ross | Oct. 01, 2019
There is a lot of misinformation surrounding mental illness still present within our society. Here are some of the common myths people make about mental illness and the accompanying facts.