Suicide is Not the Answer

By Stan Popovich | Sep. 28, 2018

Even if you feel like your future is hopeless, no one can predict the future, and things can improve. If you’re experiencing thoughts of suicide, here’s what you should do.  

Suicide in the News: How Should We React?

By Lindsey Warren Dietrich | Sep. 27, 2018

As suicide has become a public health issue, it has implications for all of us. We should change the way we think and speak about suicide to make it easier to connect with those who need help.

We Want You Here

By Luna Greenstein | Sep. 24, 2018

"You may feel like you can’t bear the pain any longer, you may feel like you don’t have it in you to reach out for help, but you are stronger than you know, and we believe in you."

Addressing Male Suicide

By Matthew Boyle | Sep. 21, 2018

Men account for the majority of suicides. It's important that we recognize risk factors and start conversations in order to end the rise of male suicide.

Voices of Lived Experience Can Save Lives

By Ken Norton | Sep. 14, 2018

The mental health community knows that stories of lived experience are the most effective tool we have to end discrimination, but evidence shows they are also the best way to encourage others to seek help and prevent suicide.

The Ripple Effect of Suicide

By Elana Premack Sandler, LCSW, MPH | Sep. 10, 2018

An entire community can be changed by a suicide. This is why it's essential that support is available for everyone impacted in the wake of a suicide loss, and that we continue to work towards prevention.

It Begins, Life Without My Son

By Peggy Crandell | Sep. 05, 2018

"I think of my son every minute of every day. I write to honor him. I also write so perhaps those in the same situation as me know they are not alone, and there is a voice for them."