You Don't Look Like You Have Depression

By Brittany Kinsella | Dec. 19, 2018
Mental illness affects all ages, races and backgrounds. There is no way to tell if a person has depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia simply by looking at them. There is no face of mental illness.  

For those Who Find the Holidays Triggering

By Hilary Jacobs Hendel, LCSW | Dec. 14, 2018
Going home for the holidays may sound comforting and fun for some, but for others it can create a lot of stress or even be triggering. If you are worried about how the holidays with family will affect your mental health, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

How Easy it is to Neglect Your Mental Health

By Trevor McDonald | Dec. 12, 2018
Neglecting your mental health can be easy, especially since it’s not something we are always taught or reminded to prioritize. However, taking a step back and examining your mental health is key to your overall health. 

Please, Don't React; Respond

By Sky Lea Ross | Dec. 06, 2018
Learn the common reactions that can be harmful to someone experiencing a mental health problem and the responses to use instead.

The Scariest Panic Symptoms People Don’t Talk About

By Jenny Marie | Dec. 04, 2018
"I honestly never thought I’d be open about my derealization and depersonalization. It took me a long time to reveal it. Once I finally did, I realized there are millions of others who experience the same frightening feelings."

Supporting Your Own Mental Health as a Caregiver

By Annabel Arana | Nov. 30, 2018
If you are a loved one or a caregiver of someone with mental illness, taking care of your own mental health is essential. Not only for yourself, but to set an example for your loved one that mental health is a priority. 

When Mental Illness Touches Home

By Jay Boll | Nov. 28, 2018
It can be incredibly difficult for a parent to learn that their child lives with mental illness, even for someone in the mental health field already. Read Jay's journey of accepting his children's conditions and helping them towards recovery.