My Brother is Not a Threat, He Has Schizophrenia

By Xochitl Villarrealis | Mar. 15, 2019
"Many times, I asked the police why they approached him. I was often told someone reported him as a 'suspicious person' lingering too long in one spot or that his appearance made some people uncomfortable, despite being in public spaces."

When I Was Fired After Medical Leave

By Amy Taylor, MS, CTRS | Mar. 13, 2019
"Before I left on medical leave, I had taken on additional work to help a colleague whose husband was very ill and had been out for a few weeks, so I carried her caseload. Apparently, they have a different standard if you take leave because of mental illness."

That Time in the Psych Ward

By Katherine Ponte, BA, JD, MBA, CPRP | Mar. 11, 2019
"My inpatient experiences traumatize me to this day. We need to focus on how it can be better, to turn psychiatric hospitalization into a constructive turning point towards recovery."

It’s Not Stigma, It’s Discrimination

By Sue Abderholden | Mar. 07, 2019

Often when we talk about stigma, we are actually talking about discrimination. We need to claim what people are experiencing as a civil and human rights issue and demand an end to discrimination.

But I was a Victim, Right?

By Cohen Miles-Rath | Mar. 05, 2019

"I was twenty-two years old and in my last semester of undergraduate college when I suffered two psychotic breaks. During this time, I was unable to control my thoughts and behavior."

How I Stopped Playing the Blame Game

By Laura Susanne Yochelson | Mar. 01, 2019
"Coming to grips with my mental and physical challenges has helped me understand how important it is to move beyond blaming others for my condition, especially those I love."

Millennials and Mental Health

By Jenny Marie | Feb. 27, 2019

Millennials are more likely to talk about mental health than their parents or grandparents. And as more young people speak out, the stigma surrounding mental illness is beginning to lessen.

Anxiety, the Sneaky Symptom

By Caitlin C. Regan | Feb. 19, 2019
"I have bipolar II disorder. For me, anxiety is a large part of my condition. The symptoms of bipolar disorder are already very difficult to manage, and the anxiety I experience on top of it can feel completely debilitating."