Living with Depression: How to Keep Working

By Emily Johnson | Apr. 07, 2017

Depression can make work more challenging, but you can still be productive. It requires self-acceptance, open communication with your professional circle, and a few other things. 

World Health Day Spotlights Depression

By Laura Greenstein | Apr. 05, 2017

For the first time since 2001, World Health Day is bolstering our cause and mission by highlighting depression. Learn why this theme was chosen, and how you can help raise awareness. 

Spreading Hope Through Peer Support

By Michael Haines | Mar. 31, 2017

Being able to connect with a person who has been through a similar experience can help someone achieve their recovery goals. Learn more about this important piece of first episode psychosis programs from the perspective of someone whose been on both sides of peer support.

Help Build the Mental Health Movement

By Laura Greenstein | Mar. 29, 2017

The societal perception of mental illness won’t change if we don’t work to change it. So, here are just a few ways we can continue to push our cause forward.

Avoiding Emotional Damage During a Political Storm

By Larry Shushansky, LICSW | Mar. 27, 2017

During this period of change and uncertainty, it's important to maintain your well-being. Learn how to strike a balance between being attached to the politics of our time and being detached from the political storm. 

"All the Bright Places" Shines a Light on Love & Loss

By Laura Greenstein | Mar. 22, 2017

Books have the power not only to help people better understand complex mental health conditions, but also to remind them they are not alone. Check out this insightful young adult novel that highlights what it’s like both to have mental illness and love someone with mental illness. 

Understanding Psychotic Breaks

By Ryann Tanap | Mar. 20, 2017

Psychosis is a complex mental health symptom that over 100,000 young people experience each year. Understand what causes psychosis, how to identify symptoms and how to support someone who may be experiencing it. 

Mental Health is a Balancing Act

By Laura Greenstein | Mar. 17, 2017

While it may seem overrated or impossible, maintaining balance throughout our lives is a cornerstone of overall well-being. But what does "maintaining balance" actually look like?