How to Help Someone in Crisis

By Laura Greenstein | Sep. 20, 2017

It can be intimidating talking to someone who is going through a mental health crisis or seriously considering suicide. However, sometimes all a person needs in that situation is one person being there, helping them access the help they need. You can be that person.

NAMIWalks: Keeping Hope Alive

By Cindy Kurey | Sep. 18, 2017

"It was a thrill to show up the morning of the walk, turning in the money I raised. I remember thinking that before my family needed NAMI, someone else took the time to walk and donate. Now it was my turn to raise money and walk for other families that unknowingly needed NAMI’s support."

Swimming for Jack

By Keith Rohman | Sep. 13, 2017

"I came out of the water and embraced my wife Connie and my daughter Nora, and I held up the photo of Jack. My family was together again, if only symbolically, in this moment of joy, exhaustion, and sadness. I wept for Jack and for the millions of others who live with a mental illness."

Suicide Prevention as a Social Justice Issue

By Sally Spencer-Thomas | Sep. 11, 2017

If we only view suicide through the mental health lens, society will be very limited in its ability to change the issue. Because change is then reliant only on the mental health system and only on those who can access mental health care. We need to think bigger.

How Do We Get the Men into Mental Health?

By Dennis Gillan | Sep. 08, 2017

"I am very bothered by what is happening with men and suicide. So, I’m going to turn this around on you, and ask for your help. I personally think the first step is for us dudes to become more comfortable talking about it."

Preventing Suicide: Our First Line of Defense

By Marta Manning, Ph.D. | Sep. 06, 2017

A person can serve as their own first line of defense against suicide by recognizing their own suicidal thoughts and triggers. NAMI Midland Chapter President Marta Manning shares tips and advice for recognizing suicidal thoughts.

Helping Others Through Catastrophic Stress

By Teri Brister, Ph.D. | Aug. 30, 2017

For people with serious medical conditions—like diabetes, high blood pressure or mental illness—disasters like Hurricane Harvey can be life-threatening on many levels. NAMI is here to help. Here are some resources for you.

Mental Health in the Workplace: The Value of Rest

By Jennifer W. Adkins, Ph.D. | Aug. 28, 2017

A period of stillness and rest may be a necessary precursor to a more active mental health recovery. Though, resting is not as easy as it sounds. Here's some advice on how to rest the right way.

Preventing Mental Health Effects of Divorce on Children

By Michelle Manno | Aug. 25, 2017

Sometimes, it can be difficult to assess whether a divorce is negatively impacting a child or whether problem behaviors are just an expected part of the growing process. Knowing the signs of struggle can help parents and educators identify whether a child needs additional support. Learn some of those signs here.