Everyone Deserves Adequate Mental Health Care

By Mike Gaeta | Jul. 11, 2018

"There are gross inadequacies and structural problems in the mental health system. More and better family education and outreach are essential in order to mitigate the cultural barriers that play a part in impeding Latino families from realizing and accepting they need help."

How Being an Iranian Immigrant Affected My Mental Health

By Yasaman Gheidi | Jul. 09, 2018

"As I reflect on my mental health journey, I feel confident in saying that I don’t blame the West, my culture or my family for my challenges. There are so many contributing factors to mental health conditions, just as human beings are made up of more than one characteristic."

The Potential of Mental Health First Aid

By Meredith Peffley | Jul. 06, 2018

Learn more about Mental Health First Aid, a program that gives people a better understanding of how to recognize and offer initial aid to someone who may be experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis (or are in an escalating panic situation). 

Getting Involved with Minority Mental Health

By Laura Greenstein | Jul. 02, 2018

Culture, race, ethnicity and sexual identity can make access to mental health treatment much more difficult. We can all help ignite change against these disparities this Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.

Opioids and Substance Abuse: What Can We Do?

By Lloyd I. Sederer, MD | Jun. 25, 2018

Substance use and abuse is universal and the casualties of drug addiction affect all classes, races and regions of the U.S. We can beat this epidemic with three public health approaches: prevention, screening and treatment. 

The Power of Realizing I Wasn’t Alone

By Joel Richard | Jun. 22, 2018

"Knowing that there were still people who could benefit from hearing that they weren’t alone, that there were people who desperately wanted to know what they could do to help their friend or family member who was locked in their own battle with mental illness, I realized that my story could potentially pierce the veil of stigma surrounding mental illness and possibly help someone with what they were going through."

Treating Depression When Medication Doesn’t Work

By Scott West, M.D. | Jun. 22, 2018

Transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment is a therapy that uses magnetic pulses to stimulate areas of the brain that are underactive in patients with depression. It is a non-drug, non-invasive option. Learn more about this proven treatment method. 


5 Ways I Help Myself When My Job is to Help Others

By Kyle Elliott, MPA, CHES | Jun. 22, 2018

"While my daily work is to help others, I’ve learned—through lots of therapy and hard work—that I must take care of myself before I can help those I serve. Prioritizing my recovery and myself has allowed me to be a better friend, a better partner and a better person."

You Can Be Prepared for Crises

By Laura Greenstein | Jun. 20, 2018

Mental illness is unpredictable by nature and crises can, do and will happen. Although crises can’t always be prevented, it is possible to be prepared. 

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