Climbing out of the Hole

By Gregory Duncan | Feb. 21, 2020
"I don’t know entirely what other grief is like, but dealing with suicide felt like being in a hole. You want someone to come by and help you out of the hole. Then you learn that if someone does throw you a rope, you still have to climb out of that hole yourself."

How PTSD Affected My Life

By John Driscoll, EdD | Feb. 19, 2020
"I was finally diagnosed with PTSD, and although it was not a diagnosis I wanted, having a diagnosis meant I could educate myself on my disorder and learn to live with it."

My Promise as a Mental Health Nurse

By Shanda Whittle MSN, RN, CNL | Feb. 10, 2020
"In my 17 years of nursing, I’ve become an advocate for those who are vulnerable to the discrimination against mental illness. I bear the scars of this epidemic in our society."

Is This Recovery?

By Gabrielle Szynski | Feb. 05, 2020
"I did not win this time, but perhaps I will tomorrow. I may not be recovered right now. I may not be in a normal state of mind, but I will be again."

Two Antidotes to Stigma

By Katherine Ponte, BA, JD, MBA, CPRP | Feb. 03, 2020
"I wish all people with mental illness, whether we’re struggling or well, will be accepted, respected and fairly treated. It’s time for individual and social change that recognizes our humanity."
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