Jennifer Rothman

Senior Manager, Youth and Young Adult
Information, Support and Education

Jennifer Rothman first found NAMI at the state level in North Carolina, where she happily took the role as a young families’ program director and in eight years, she had developed a strong and successful program that focused on youth and young adults in North Carolina. This success came from being dedicated to working with other youth-serving organizations, listening to what families wanted (and needed) and being a voice for those families at meetings held across the state.

Jennifer plans to take what she learned in North Carolina and build on it nationally. She believes that NAMI education programs should be available to all who need them. 

What do you wish more people knew about NAMI?

I wish more people knew how welcoming NAMI is and how quickly you become a part of this magnificent family that will catch you when you fall, support you when you don’t know where to turn and answer a call at any time of night. 

What’s something about you that would surprise others?

I like to think that I am very strong, physically. I also have too much pride to ask for help if something is too heavy, so maybe I’m more stubborn than strong? J

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