NAMI Advocate

NAMI's Advocate magazine is published 2 times a year and is a member benefit.

In every issue, we cover a variety of topics relating to mental health, from research to pop culture to personal stories. If you'd like to start receiving the Advocate, become a NAMI member today.

In the Latest Issue

  • On the Cover: 99 Faces Who Care about Mental Health Awareness

Also Inside:

  • Challenging Multicultural Disparities in Mental Health
  • You Are Not Alone: Police Perspective
  • Family Weaves Safety Net for College-Bound Son
  • How Should We Be Treating First-Episode Psychosis?
  • Situational/Stress-Related Symptoms or Serious Depression: What’s the Difference?
  • An Ode to Schizophrenia
  • Exploring Mental Health Through Art

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