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Compartiendo Esperanza


Changing La Cultura & Helping Our Gente


For many of us, we’ve come from a long line of luchonas who taught us the values of hard work, sacrifice and always putting our familia first.


It can feel selfish to take time for ourselves and our own mental health. We may feel like we don’t have the right words to describe what’s going on inside us, or we might be afraid our family won’t understand.


You know what they say… Al mal tiempo buena cara.


But in a time when we have been disproportionately impacted by a global pandemic, anti-immigration sentiments and policies leading to o increasingly frequent forced deportation and trauma in our communities — we can’t just keep pretending everything is okay; we have to start talking about it.



Did You Know?

Hispanic/Latin American adults reported
higher rates
of depression, substance use and suicidal thoughts during the pandemic*

1 in 4
Individuals in the Hispanic/Latin American community who reported having a mental health condition were categorized as having a serious mental illness

Hispanic/Latin American adults are
50% less likely
to receive mental health treatment*

*compared to non-Hispanic white adults
That’s why we created NAMI Compartiendo Esperanza — because Hispanic/Latin American people around the country need and deserve somewhere they can turn to for free, accessible mental health support, generational wisdom and communal healing.

It’s Time For Us To Take The Narrative Back.

Changing la cultura starts with us: no more machismo and marianismo, no more shame around reaching out for help, no more silence around our mental health.

NAMI Compartiendo Esperanza helps introduce discussions on mental health and wellness through a three-part community conversation series grounded in sacred storytelling and guided dialogue on mental wellness and support.


Photos of people of Hispanic/Latin American ancestory

NAMI Compartiendo Esperanza is an initiative created by
Hispanic/Latin American communities for Hispanic/Latin American communities.

Photos of people of Hispanic/Latin American ancestory

The Healing Power Of La Comunidad

If you are a part of the Hispanic/Latin American community and are looking to join or start conversations about mental well-being, we made NAMI Compartiendo Esperanza for you.

We provide high-quality videos, facilitator guides and other resources that you can use to organize welcoming, culturally competent community conversations that break down stigma, challenge stereotypes and make it safe and easy to talk about mental wellness with facilitators who participants can relate to and trust. Separate segments are available for Families, Young People and Community Leaders, and materials can be adapted to diverse settings — from churches to cafeterías to large celebrations, family gatherings and more.

Youth & Wellness:
“Sanando Juntos
(Healing Together)

Community Leaders & Mental Wellness:
“Las Raíces de Nuestra Sanación”
(The Roots of Our Healing)

Hispanic/Latin American Families & Mental Wellness:
“La Mesa”
(The Table)

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