Partners and Events

Check out the events below and see how NAMI, our partners and you can share or participate to raise awareness of Mental Health Month or look for one of the 30+ NAMIWalks taking place in May.

April 18 Women’s Health Magazine features women and depression, highlighted by a survey of NAMI women, including insight from NAMI Medical Director Ken Duckworth.

May 1 The Empire State Buliding in New York City goes green to kick off Mental Health Month.

May 2 Kenneth Cole StigmaFree ties arrive in stores.

May 4 Tumblr Answer Time: Utkarsh Ambudkar talks live about self-care from his perspective. 

May 6-8 Fox Sports features NAMI lapel pins, green wardrobes and PSA airings all weekend.

May 8 Tumblr Answer Time: AJ Mendez Brooks discusses her experience with bipolar disorder, the importance of seeking help early, challenges in the Latino community and her experiences at WWE.

May 13–19 RPG Limit Break, a weeklong streaming video game speed running marathon, raises funds for mental health and NAMI.

May 17 The StigmaFree Luncheon with philosophy and NAMI as co-hosts for hope & grace features Dawn McCoy, Zelda Williams and NAMI speaker Elise Banks, former Miss International.

May 17 Women’s Health Magazine feature on mental health airs on The Doctors, with NAMI mentions.

May Corrinne Foxx and Refinery 29 feature what it’s like to be called “crazy” and how stigma can be harmful, including seven top chats on mental health conditions and symptoms.

Keep current on additional events and changes to this page and follow NAMI on social media for additional Mental Health Month events.

With Thanks

NAMI is proud to partner with the Aetna Foundation and the Palayam Foundation in support of Mental Health Month and raising awareness for mental health conditions.