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The 2018 NAMI National Convention in New Orleans, LA offered outstanding talks, workshops, sessions and presentations. Take these resources back to continue our mission and the work we have to improve lives for millions of Americans.

You can also purchase all audio recordings (or individual recordings) from the 2018 convention. Audio recordings are provided as an external service by VW Tapes Conference & Seminar Recording.


NAMI Leadership Development, Session Titles:

Diversification as a Pilar of Strategic Planning

2019 the Next Chapter – Positioning Your NAMI Organization for Growth and Success

Policy Potential: How Your Advocacy Creates Progress for Mental Health

Funding NAMI Signature Education Programs: They’re “No Cost” but “Not Free”

Leveraging Technology with NAMI’s National Education Programs

Great Missions Deserve Great Technology: Welcome to Salesforce

NAMIWalks Best Practices in Leadership

Planning Strategically: Prioritizing NAMI Goals in a Changing Environment

StigmaFree Company: Building a Movement Through Strategic Partnerships

Shaping the Conversation and Proposing Solutions: NAMI’s Voice in the Wake of Gun Violence

Overcoing Information Overload, or Data Dashboarding for Dummies

Advocacy Leaders Session: 2018 Strategies and Opportunities


GROUP A, Session Titles:

Standards of Care: Mental Health in Our Jails and Prisons…Now What?

Media and Messaging: How to Re-Frame Mental Health Coverage

Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotics: Know Your Medication Options

Cultural Disruption: Strategies for Including and Accepting Culturally Divese Individuals

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Ask a Psychiatrist

A True Path to Recovery: Starting a Clubhouse in Your in Your Community

Diversity! Inclusion! Outreach!

The Role of Peers and Family Members in Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT)

Best Practices for Fundraising Success

Intro to CBT Informed Care for Schizpohrenia

Recovery in Black and White

FLASH Sessions:

Mental Health: The Power of Books, Reflection and Community

The Journey of Military Caregivers: The Battle Back Home

Music for Mental Health: Bringing Light to Mental Health Matters through Music

Approaching Behavioral Health System Improvements through Cross-Sector Collaboration

Innovative Approaches to Men’s Mental Health: Lessons Learned from the Humor and Digital Medic Program “Man Therapy”

GROUP B, Session Titles:

Whole Health for Trauma Recovery

Recovery-Oriented Culture Change in Mental Health Systems

Recovery in Black and White

Optimizing Special Needs Planning Opportunities

NAMI Mass COMPASS Information Helpline: Navigating Community Resources

Flip the Script: How Changing Our Relationship to Our Stories Can Improve Mental Health

Enhancing Familly Engagement in Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) Programs

Creating Healthy Spaces for Men of Color: Mental Health Awareness

Beyond Treatment as Usual: The Case for Cognitive Enhancement Therapy

NAMI Unger Research Fellowship Discussions

Cognitive Training for People with Mental Health Conditions

Shattering the Bell Jar: Impact of an Open-Communication Model in an Acute Inpatient Unit

NAMI Talks with Brooke Johnson, AJ Mendez and Jay Stolar


GROUP C, Session Titles:

Benefits of Peer Support Inclusion in Forensic Models

Filmmaking for Youth Engagement: Production & Integration of Film into Services for Youth Psychosis

How to Improve Your Relationships to Improve Your Mental Health

Recognize and Connect: Together We Can Save Lives!

The Shame of Mental Health Challenges in the Black Community

Up on the High Wire: Building Resilience for Tough Times

The Psychology of Fundraising

CBT Informed Care for Schizophrenia

FLASH Sessions:

Llama and Its Five Capacities as a Transformational Tool

Mental Health and Entrepreneurship

“Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” Bluebirds High School Support Group

Community-Academic Partnerships; How Mental Health Research and Program Develoopment Benefits from Peer, Caregiver, and Community Co-Leadership

My Story of Strength: Recovery from Schizophrenia and the Role of Peer Support

Female Veteran Suicide Crisis: Ways to Form the Right Connections


New NAMI Ending the Silence

Major Topic Symposiums:

21st Century Mental Healthcare System

(Not currently available)

Intregrated Permanent Supportive Housing: How Louisiana Made It Happen

Decriminalizing Mental Illness

(Not currenlty available)

Research Updates:

What Are We Learning About Genetics and Mental Illness?

Technology, Google and Screening

Recovery and Schizophrenia

GROUP D, Session Titles:

Bridges to Hope: Developing the Tools & Partnerships for Addressing Mental Health in Faith Communities

Organ Recitals and Mind Games: Leaving a Legacy

Rock to Recovery: Using Music Therapy with Non-Musicians to Improve Mental Health Outcomes

There’s an App for That: Tips, Tricks and Tools to Ease the Transition Out of High School

Turn Data Into Dollars

NAMI Ask the Expert, Live

CIT at 30: Reflecting on the Past, Inspiration for the Future


Research Plenary

NAMI In Our Own Voice presentation

NAMI Annual Business Meeting

Author Showcase with Alisa Roth

Information, Support and Education Institute

Major Topic Symposium:

Federal Legislative Briefing and Update on Policy Priorities

GROUP E, Sesssion Titles:

How NAMIWalks Can Change Your Community

Setting the Record Straight on HIPPA and Confidentiality

Pursuing Progress: Expanding Team-Based Care for Early Psychosis

Expanding Our Reach: NAMI’s Community Partnerships

National Education Spanish Program Updates, Networking and Feedback

Engaging Families through the New NAMI Family & Friends Seminar

Evolution of a Dream Team: How NAMI Iowa and Des Moines University Partnered to Enhance the Training of Medical Students

Turnkey Successes Within Reach: Affiliate Building with Signature Programs

Creating Positive Change Through Storytelling

NAMI Celebration and Awards Banquet

NAMI HelpLine is available M-F, 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. ET. Call 800-950-6264,
text “helpline” to 62640, or chat online. In a crisis, call or text 988 (24/7).