Personal Stories

The Story of Us

Lying on the padded floor in a holding cell, knowing that my fate might lead me to prison was a daunting prospect. Not because of a conscious decision I had made, but worse, in an altered state of mind as one of my “alters”. I am speaking of living with DID, dissociative identity disorder, once known as multiple personality disorder.

Sometimes I am here, meaning the present, and exist in the same world with everyone else. Unfortunately, other times I am someone else: a child, a teenager, a business owner, or one of the other alters that dwell within my mind. Despite all the medication and therapy, I still switch, which only sucks me down into negative thinking, suicidal ideation and other thoughts of self-harm. I’ve conquered these destructive habits and refuse to return to them.

I’ve been hospitalized more times than I like to admit, voluntarily and involuntarily. My 14-year marriage was destroyed under what I can only describe as simply being too much to handle for far too long. I served my time in prison for a crime I still don’t remember and came out the other side. My story is one of redemption, courage and inner strength.

I found NAMI and the Peer-to-Peer Support group to lean on and volunteer my time with. I could not be more proud to be affiliated with such a fine group of strong men and women. Together, we strive for wellness, and better treatment in mental health care facilities, hospitals and the courts, with improved medications, and a more compassionate image in the media.

Thank you for reading <3