Are My Insurance Rights Being Violated? | NAMI

Federal law requires most health insurance plans to provide the same level of coverage for mental health and substance use conditions as they do for other medical conditions (this is called parity). Here are some warning signs that your plan may be violating parity:

  1. Your plan allows fewer visits for mental health care than for other types of health care.
  2. Your out-of-pocket costs for mental health care are higher than for other types of medical care.
  3. You have to call your health plan to get approval for mental health care, but not for other types of health care.
  4. Your health plan won’t pay for mental health treatment that your mental health provider says you need.
  5. You cannot find a mental health provider in your health plan network or you cannot get a timely appointment.

To learn more about what to do if your rights have been violated, click here.

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