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School Breaks and Student Mental Health 

School breaks offer a much-needed pause from academics and a busy school schedule. Students can take this time to relax and get back into activities they didn’t have time for while they were in school. However, this time may also bring some stressors: disrupted schedules, childcare no longer in place, increased time in close settings with family, and other changes. To maintain a balance and your mental health, we have gathered some helpful resources to keep you on track and support you or your child’s mental health needs.

Every person has different needs and capacities, so we have crafted various possibilities for you to look through and find what interests you to try. These suggestions are laid out so that you can find what you think will work best for you as a student or parent when supporting one’s mental health and wellness during the school break. The main priority is to ensure that you feel rested and ready for when school rolls back around.

Parents of Children 12 and Under During School Breaks

Students and their families take a big hit to their daily schedules when school breaks occur. Every family’s situation is different, but our tips can help make things a little easier.


Parents of Teens During School Breaks

At this age range, teens begin to learn how to be independent and may take on more activities and responsibilities outside the home. This section provides insight into how you as a parent can communicate with your children effectively and support what they need to maintain their mental health.


Teens (13-18) During School Breaks

Middle school and high school often have more intense academic expectations and school breaks are great opportunities to focus on your mental health and rest up.


Young Adults in College During School Breaks

Young adults attending college will have a different experience during school breaks than high school and younger students. Whatever your experience is, we have plenty of suggestions to help you get the most out of your school break to support your mental health.


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