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Dec 13, 2019

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What Will It Cover?

Individuals with SMI who have been involved in the criminal justice system face numerous challenges including additional stigma. They may also exhibit behaviors that were adaptive in correctional settings but become maladaptive in other settings. Many of these persons have histories of trauma and their exposure to criminal justice processes can be further traumatizing. Many will have antisocial personality features that the mental health treatment provider may feel ill-equipped to support and may even not enjoy the work of working with these individuals, which can lead to personal burn out and difficulty with compassion.

In addition, individuals with SMI in the criminal justice system often have co-occurring substance use disorders and medical conditions that compound their complexity. The criminal justice system utilizes a rubric called the Risk-Need-Responsivity paradigm to identify individual risk of criminal recidivism. Interventions such as specific cognitive behavioral strategies are often used in criminal justice contexts to address some of the criminogenic thinking associated with such recidivism. This webinar will review these various topics to assist mental health professionals in supporting their patients who have had criminal justice involvement.

Who Will Be Presenting?

Debra Pinals, MD, director of the Program in Psychiatry, Law and Ethics, and clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Michigan Medical School.

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