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The Blizzard of Depression and the Importance of Compassion

When you have depression, it's like it snows every day.

Chronic People Pleasing and My OCD

Confidence will come with repetition. My nervous system will realize that I can safely challenge my relationships.

Supporting My Son and Fighting Stigma

This is an illness and that deserves a compassionate, medical response.

Moving Past My Upbringing and Inherited Trauma

I've learned that the trauma I carried inside doesn't define me. I am learning who I am and who I want to be.

My Story Isn’t Over

There are no periods in my story; only a semicolon because my story isn't over.

Learning to Prioritize My Mental Health

Going to therapy has meant finding the time to fill my tank so I can be a reservoir of grace for others.

My Sunshine: A Mother’s Painful Journey with Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System

I had no understanding of what was happening or how to help my son. 

I Will Not Be Defined by a Diagnosis

Mental illness, particularly serious mental illness, is not a "quick fix" — it is an ongoing journey.

Befriending My Schizoaffective Disorder Through Writing

I realized that writing was therapeutic for me in general; if I had racing thoughts or anxiety, I would write it down and feel much better.

Breaking The Family Curse: Fighting Stigma and Finding Recovery

Today, I’m blessed that medication, plus love and forgiveness, has given me a life worth living.
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