NAMI Echoes Iowa State Television and Mental Health Study Findings

Statement of Bob Carolla
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
Director of Media Relations

May 02 2008
ARLINGTON, VA- The National Alliance on Mental Illness's Bob Carolla responded to a recent Iowa State University influence of television on mental health treatment study, "The Iowa State study is right. Television's portrayal of people who live with mental illnesses and people who work in mental health professions too often reflects negative stereotypes. It makes stigma and discrimination worse. Hollywood sometimes gets it right, but only when producers, directors and writers take the time to do their homework. There are basic standards of accuracy, fairness and compassion that still produce good entertainment."

Bob Carolla oversees NAMI's StigmaBuster program which seeks to address outdated, outrageous, offensive portrayals or language about persons with mental illness.

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