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Breaking Generational Trauma and Asking for Help

If we can care for each other and create an environment without judgment, we can move forward.

What I Want People to Know About Having a Spouse with Mental Illness

I didn’t understand it at first. I didn’t understand what depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia really meant.

Boy in the Window: My Journey as an Abuse Survivor

Looking back, I now know that it wasn’t my shame to carry.

My Lifelong Journey with Borderline Personality Disorder

With the correct diagnoses and sufficient professional help in place, I now am on the right track to helping myself.

Building a Supportive Community on Social Media Helps Me Heal

I hope that in some small way, I have changed the mental health conversation and inspired others to do so as well.

Keep Holding On

My diagnosis does not define me.

I Eat French Fries with a Fork

Something so small could turn into a whole thought process that kept me up at night.

Accepting Treatment and Managing Medications’ Side Effects

Embrace your options and don’t give up. Things can and will get better. 

In a Life of Darkness, I Found Light

Happiness and contentment come from the inside out and not the outside in.

Family Support Changed My Life

I will never forget the people who helped me on my road to recovery.
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