Taking Charge of Your Mental Health (Infographic)

By Brendan McLean | Mar. 18, 2016

When it comes to your mental health, it’s important to be proactive and take charge of your own situation. Remember that treatment choices will vary from person to person and even people with the same diagnosis will have different experiences and needs. NAMI has created this infographic to highlight some topics you should think about as you begin on the path to mental wellness. 

Download the infographic.

Infographic of Taking Charge of Your Mental Health

Is this infographic available in Spanish? That would be marvelous. Thank you!
5/21/2016 3:07:44 PM

My son suffers. He goes from highs to lows. At 23 he is working on a masters abroad. I worry about him being alone.☹️
4/1/2016 9:43:48 AM

Shane Brown
This is excellent. I have done very well in my recovery, but because of the manner in which I received my illness, I didn't trust anyone or anything. I did not even go to secular resources such as NAMI. I relied completely on my faith, medication and trying to make peace with my family. Although they had never abused me, they also never protected me, or saw me for who I was. Because the religious organization I belong to is so complete, I was able to pioneer my own way to health. I am married to someone with no mental or emotional challenges, and have two healthy very loved boys. It is good for me to see that NAMI and mental health care, by the grace of God, are finally beginning to catch with what I found in just following the correct teachings of the Lord, and what the Holy Spirit taught me about me recovery and what I needed to do.
3/30/2016 11:16:44 PM