As Suicides Rise, Insurers Find Ways to Deny Mental Health Coverage
Posted on May 15 2019
Bloomberg Businessweek
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An in-depth article on parity issues. The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, passed more than a decade ago, requires insurers to provide comparable coverage for mental health and medical treatments. Even so, insurers are denying claims, limiting coverage, and finding other ways to avoid complying with the law.
Commentary: More investment needed in mental illness research
Posted on May 11 2019
Modern Healthcare
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Opinion piece by Angela Kimball, Acting CEO, about the gains made fighting stigma, but that there’s still a long way to go to advance care. It looks at the issue of parity and the need for bipartisan support to improve access to care, raise awareness and fund mental health research.
Every year, 46 million Americans deal with mental illness. Only 41% get help. Here's how you can
Posted on May 09 2019
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Highlights Mental Health Month and features NAMI prominently as well as providing resources and tips if you need help
Stigma About Mental Health Issues In The Workplace Exists: Here's What Companies Can Do About It
Posted on May 08 2019
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Reports on how unaddressed mental health issues hold back your entire organization, not just those directly affected. The article highlights NAMI throughout and that businesses that strive for a stigma-free workplace will not only save in healthcare and other costs, they will become better places to work. 
The Long and Winding Road to Mental Health Care for Your Kid
Posted on May 03 2019
California Healthline
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Reports on options and resources to find help for your child, and references NAMI Basics as resource. Mental health professionals say that with children, early intervention is crucial to avoid more severe and costly problems later on. Yet even parents with good insurance struggle to find care for their children.
UnitedHealth Clients Needed More Mental Health Care; United Said No
Posted on Apr 22 2019
MPR News
Profiles families and individuals taking part in a class action lawsuit challenging UnitedHealth's standards for behavioral care. The class action suit includes UnitedHealth customers from 2011 to 2017 who were working through a wide range of disorders when they were denied coverage.
Rise in Suicide Attempts in Texas Prisons Alarms Advocates
Posted on Apr 12 2019
Associated Press
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Reports that suicides in Texas prisons hit a 10-year high of 40 in 2018, and a steady rise in suicide attempts in these state-run facilities alarms prisoner rights advocates. The number of suicide attempts among Texas inmates logged by authorities has nearly tripled in the last decade, climbing from less than 700 in 2009 to nearly 2,000 in 2018 even as the number of people imprisoned in the state has fallen by 10,000, according to documents The Associated Press obtained from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice last month through a public records request.
Suicide Risk Grew After Missouri Medicaid Kids Shifted To Managed Care, Hospitals Say
Posted on Apr 01 2019
Kaiser Health News
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Reports that after children diagnosed with mental illness were shifted from traditional Medicaid into three for-profit managed-care companies, the state’s hospitals noticed an alarming trend: the number of children who had thoughts of suicide or attempted suicide doubled. Additionally, the average length of stay for these children in psychiatric hospitals dropped from 10 days to seven following the Medicaid change, according to a study released by the Missouri Hospital Association. 
In The Shadow Of Suicides, Senate Panel Makes Rare Move To Consider Gun Control
Posted on Mar 26 2019
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Reports on the Senate Judiciary Committee on ERPO. These laws allow law enforcement, and in some states, relatives and other concerned parties, to petition judges to temporarily restrict access to firearms from people who may be a harm to themselves or others.
How Housing Helps: Supporting Recovery for People with Mental Illness
Posted on Mar 21 2019
USA Today (MediaPlanet)
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Looks at the need for more community-based support for people with mental illness. When people have safe and affordable housing, they are much more likely to engage in mental health treatment and get on a path towards recovery.