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Two measures would raise record-breaking $6 billion for affordable housing
Posted on Oct 03 2018
San Francisco Chronicle

Two years after voters approved billions of dollars to fund low-income homes around California, affordable-housing advocates are upping the ante with two statewide bond measures on the Nov. 6 ballot to raise a record-breaking $6 billion for housing for struggling families, veterans and severely mentally ill people. If they pass, the two measures would generate the most money ever approved by statewide voters for affordable and supportive housing in California.

8 Incredible Medical Breakthroughs That Could Transform Your Health
Posted on Sep 27 2018
Real Simple
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In section 4: Health stigmas are melting away, Katrina Gay, National Director, Strategic Partnerships discusses eliminating stigma and the impact that celebrity posts about mental health struggles have on the increased calls to the NAMI HelpLine. 

Why some parents are worried about schools requiring ‘mental health’ disclosures
Posted on Sep 25 2018
ABC News
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Discusses a new requirement is part of a law rushed through the state legislature after the February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. On registration forms for new students, the state’s school districts now must ask whether a child has ever been referred for mental health services.

Examining Trauma & Heroes in Crisis: Treatment in the Real World & SANCTUARY
Posted on Sep 25 2018
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Newsarama’s Heroes in Crisis tie-in series explores superhero comic books and the mental effects of trauma, including an examination of whether superhero comic books have moved forward with their depiction of mental illness. 

School Mental Health Disclosure Requirement Concerns Parents
Posted on Sep 20 2018
WLRN: Florida
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Children registering for school in Florida this year were asked to reveal some history about their mental health. The new requirement is part of a law rushed through the state legislature after the February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

County Jails Struggle to Treat Mentally Ill Inmates
Posted on Sep 19 2018
NPR Shots

Discusses how county jails have taken steps to try to keep inmates with mental illness from coming back by stepping up mental health screening, coupled with efforts to get inmates plugged into community-based treatment after they are released. 

Racism can Affect your Mental Health from as Early as Childhood
Posted on Sep 19 2018

Discusses a new study published in the journal American Psychologist that sheds some new light onto just how early those effects can begin. The study, which researchers say is the first meta-analysis to look into racism's effects on adolescents (as opposed to adults), examined 214 peer-reviewed articles examining over 91,000 adolescents between the ages of 10 and 20.

Watchdog slams safeguards for foster kids on psych drugs
Posted on Sep 17 2018
Associated Press

A report released by the Health and Human Services inspector general’s office found that about 1 in 3 foster kids from a sample of states were prescribed psychiatric drugs without treatment plans or follow-up, standard steps in sound medical care. Kids getting mood-altering drugs they don’t need is only part of the problem. Investigators also said children who need medication to help them function at school or get along in social settings may be going untreated.

Patient Advocates, Healthcare Groups sue Trump Administration to Preserve Insurance Protections
Posted on Sep 14 2018
Los Angeles Times
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Discusses the lawsuit filed in federal court to overturn the Administration’s recently-issued rule on short-term, limited-duration (STLD) insurance plans. The lead plaintiff is the Association for Community Affiliated Plans, joined by NAMI and the following organizations: AIDS United, American Psychiatric Association, Little Lobbyists, Mental Health America and National Partnership for Women & Families. The new STLD rule dealt a blow to mental health parity by allowing for an expansion of health insurance plans that are not required to cover people with pre-existing conditions or provide coverage for mental health services.

New generation of Asian-American women are fighting to normalize mental health treatment
Posted on Sep 10 2018
Good Morning America

Discusses the stigma in the Asian-American community and while Asian-Americans have a lower reported rate of psychiatric disorders and suicide compared to Caucasians within the U.S., they are three times less likely to seek mental health help, according to a National Latino and Asian American Study. Discussing mental health concerns is “taboo” in a variety of Asian-American communities. As a result, many Asian Americans often dismiss, deny or neglect their symptoms.

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