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Cure Stigma PSA

In 2018, NAMI will promote the theme of "CureStigma" throughout all awareness events, including Mental Health Month.

Why this cause is important: One in 5 Americans is affected by mental health conditions. Stigma is toxic to their mental health because it creates an environment of shame, fear and silence that prevents many people from seeking help and treatment. The perception of mental illness won’t change unless we act to change it.

Campaign manifesto: There’s a virus spreading across America. It harms the 1 in 5 Americans affected by mental health conditions. It shames them into silence. It prevents them from seeking help. And in some cases, it takes lives. What virus are we talking about? It’s stigma. Stigma against people with mental health conditions. But there’s good news. Stigma is 100% curable. Compassion, empathy and understanding are the antidote. Your voice can spread the cure. Join NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Together we can #CureStigma.

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Cure Stigma Audio

Download the 30 Seconds (MP3) or 15 Seconds (MP3) PSA audio files for use on radio, podcasts or in other audio presentation formats.


Download the TV and broadcast ready 15 and 30 second spot Cure Stigma videos.

NAMI Ambassadors and the CureStigma PSA

Cure Stigma PSA - Behind the Scenes Group Photo The Canvas Motion Pictures crew on set.

Ten NAMI Ambassadors contributed their time and talent to the CureStigma PSA. Filmed in Los Angeles at Underground Studios by Canvas Motion Pictures, Inc., the NAMI PSA is unique in that all of the Ambassadors themselves live with a mental health condition.

NAMI is grateful to Canvas Motion Pictures and each of the Ambassadors for their dedication and work on this project.

  • Utkarsh Ambdukar Actor, social influencer, singer, TV show The Mindy Project, film Pitch Perfect, upcoming Muppet Movie
  • Andrea Barber Actress, Netflix-TV show Fuller House
  • Maurice Bernard Actor, TV show General Hospital on ABC
  • Corinne Foxx Model, actress, TV show Shazaam on Fox-TV in 2018
  • Clark Gregg Actor, director, writer, TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Marvel films                        
  • Jamie Gray Hyder Actress, TV shows True Blood, Graceland and long list of TV credits
  • April Mendez Former WWE star, social influencer, author, NYT bestseller of Crazy is my Super Power                         
  • Sonya Nichols Women’s American Basketball Association
  • Mauro Ranollo Showtime Sports, international entertainer as the voice of boxing
  • Jay Stolar Singer, song writer, social influencer

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In a country where 1 in 5 people are affected by a mental health condition, it's time for all of us to step up and change the conversation. Join Mayim Bialik, Torrey DeVitto, Clark Gregg, Carly Chaikin and Morgan Stewart to pledge to be #StigmaFree. Learn more about StigmaFree.

Hope Starts With You

NAMI’s “Hope Starts With You” PSA series features the stories of two different individuals who are in need of mental health support. Watch “Brighter Day” and "Peace and Quiet" to learn about ways that you can spread hope to the millions of people affected by mental illness each and every day. Learn more about Hope Starts With You.