NAMI Submission Guidelines

NAMI is always reviewing submissions for its many publications—like the NAMI Blog and Advocate magazine. Unfortunately, we only accept a small amount of the submissions received, so the best way to ensure publication is to follow these guidelines. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Length: Max 1,000 words
  • Style: Plain language, or, write how you talk
  • Tone: Friendly, informative, empathetic and reliable
  • Structure: Try to use headings and bullet points, if possible
  • Topic: Strategies for living well, fresh insights, practical tips, ways to end stigma, your experience with mental illness (as a family member, caregiver, individual, friend, advocate, etc.), or whatever else you’d like!

Read the NAMI Editorial Guide for more information about writing for NAMI. 

If you’re battling a case of writer’s block, check out a few pieces that have been published for a bit of inspiration:

How to Submit

  1. Attach a Word doc to your email. We'd prefer your wonderful writing to come to us ( as a fully-formed draft in a Word document.
  2. Make sure you have citations/linking. We like our content to be backed by research, which means you should link to any statistic or health claim you reference.
  3. Don't forget a brief author’s biography. All authors may have a 50-word bio at the bottom of their piece; you are permitted to reference your personal/company website or blog.

Submit Now!

Note: All submissions we accept go through an editorial process to fit NAMI's voice and style. 

The NAMI Blog is now accepting submissions for 2021! Here are the themes* for the year:

January: How I Cope with Mental Illness
February: Symptoms People Don't Talk About
March: Mental Illness and Criminal Justice 
April: Personal Stories of Lived Experience 
May: What Are the Warning Signs? 
June: Representing Mental Illness Accurately 
July: How Culture and Identity Intersect with Mental Health
August: Myths and Facts about Treatment 
September: Suicide Prevention and Support 
October: The Impact of Discrimination 
November: What it’s Like to Be a Caregiver 
December: No theme

*These themes are subject to change

Submissions are subject to NAMI's Terms of Use.