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7 Ways to Find an Actually Affordable Therapist

Posted on October 5, 2021

Therapy can be incredible. Trying to find a therapist you connect with and can afford? Not so much. If you’d like to bypass a difficult-to-navigate insurance website, call your insurance company and ask insurance to send you a list of in-network therapists in your area. “Tell them exactly what you need,” says Ken Duckworth, M.D., NAMI CMO. “You’re paying them, and [helping you find someone] is part of their obligation.” Fortunately, some providers operate on a sliding scale with some or all of their clients. This means that the amount they charge varies based on factors like a person’s income, although how much of a discount they offer is totally up to them, Dr. Duckworth says. You might be wondering whether these online options are as good as classic therapy. The answer can be yes for some people, as long as you are working with a licensed individual, Dr. Duckworth says. However, the field is still relatively new, rapidly growing, and generally unregulated, Dr. Duckworth explains. It’s key to make sure that you’re getting good care, even if it’s virtual. To help you figure out if you’re on the same page as soon as possible, Dr. Duckworth recommends interviewing your new therapist during your initial consult or first session.


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