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Helping Someone Stick With Schizophrenia Treatment

Posted on October 11, 2023

Personal story by Dawn Brown, National Director of NAMI HelpLine Services: “My son, Matthew, was rare in that he was diagnosed at 8 years old. Most often, schizophrenia manifests in the late teens or early 20s. At 18, he had a psychotic break and required hospitalization. Eventually he found treatment that was effective, but it took quite a while. Once we found something that seemed to address his symptoms on several levels, he became treatment-compliant by taking his medication on schedule. But medication is a small part of the treatment plan. He’s also keeping his appointments with his psychiatrist and therapist and doing what he can to maintain his overall health and wellness. He’s 38 now. He enjoys his life. He has friends. He has places he goes during the day that keeps him engaged with others. But it’s been a journey. There will be many ups and downs. Over time it does get better. An engaged, informed loved one is often the best indicator of the outcome for a person with schizophrenia.


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