Talking to kids about tragedy in wake of Maine mass shootings | NAMI

Talking to kids about tragedy in wake of Maine mass shootings

Posted on October 31, 2023

In the wake of the mass shootings in Lewiston, Maine, many parents are navigating how to talk to their kids about the tragedy. Dr. Christine Crawford, NAMI associate medical director, said there is no one right way to talk to kids but simply talking, listening, and reassuring are key. “One way to start is to ask the kids what they think about the current situation, how does it make them feel, what have they heard about it, so you know exactly where you’re starting from,” Crawford said. “From there they can talk about what feelings and emotions it brings up for them.” Parents should reassure kids they are safe, she said, and that there is hope in a world that seems scary. “Safety is key because for a lot of kids, especially young kids, they just want to know the adults in their lives can take care of them and keep them safe,” Crawford said. “But when you hear about all these unsafe events, it makes kids wonder, ‘Are the adults able to protect me if something were to go wrong?’”


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