Teens Are in a Mental Health Crisis—Here's How Parents Can Help | NAMI

Teens Are in a Mental Health Crisis—Here’s How Parents Can Help

Posted on March 10, 2022

The pandemic has affected millions, including teens and young adults. Children from age 8 to 18 have felt and continue to feel the effects of COVID-19. Young people are facing a mental health crisis, one which will have "devastating" effects. While discussing and prioritizing mental health is important, many teens do not want to talk about their thoughts or feelings. "Because there is often stigma attached to mental health conditions, children can feel ashamed to talk about their worries, obsessions, compulsions, impulsivity, and other behavioral problems," states an article by NAMI. "Talk with them about what they are experiencing. Listen with curiosity and empathize with them." And avoid statements which are full of shame and blame.


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