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Leading Companies Pledge to Be StigmaFree with NAMI

Posted on November 27, 2023


Council Members include Adobe, Bank of America, Boeing, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Calm, Google, Hostess, Kohl’s, Miraval, OLLY, and The Hartford

  ARLINGTON, VA — The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) today announced the members of its inaugural StigmaFree Workplace Advisory Council. The Council comprises corporate leaders representing diverse industries including technology, entertainment, health, hospitality, food and beverage, fashion, finance, and transportation.   Together with NAMI, they are uniting around the importance of workplace well-being and demonstrating their commitment to mental health through NAMI’s StigmaFree initiative.   The Integral Role of Mental Health in Workplaces “Work isn't just about how we make a living — it’s where we find purpose and meaning, build community and develop as whole people. Mental health is critical to achieving all of these,” said NAMI CEO Daniel H. Gillison Jr. “That’s why successful companies and organizations recognize the importance of supporting their employees’ mental health and wellness. We are thrilled to collaborate with industry leaders on our StigmaFree Workplace Advisory Council to champion the cause of mentally health workplaces.” The inaugural StigmaFree Workplace Advisory Council members include high-ranking representatives from Adobe, Bank of America, Boeing, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Calm, Google, Hostess, Kohl’s, Miraval, OLLY, The Hartford, and an early-career young adult advisor from NAMI’s Next Gen group. Strategic Investments for the Future The group will meet throughout the next year, partnering with NAMI to assess the mental health needs of American employees, managers, and leaders — and what companies can do to support them now and into the future. Investing in employees’ mental health is not just the right thing to do, it’s an economic imperative. Research shows that $1 invested in mental health yields a $4 return, and early intervention promises the highest rate of return. With its expertise and national grassroots’ reach, NAMI is uniquely positioned to partner with leading employers as they redefine what it means to create a healthy workplace. The NAMI StigmaFree mission is to is to empower organizations to support people’s mental well-being through expanding awareness, fostering a culture of caring, and improving access to support. To learn more, visit nami.org/StigmaFree. What Our Partners Are Saying: “Adobe is dedicated to cultivating an inclusive workplace where our employees feel supported and empowered to contribute their full potential. This includes providing comprehensive mental wellbeing resources, creating opportunities for connection, and actively dismantling the stigma surrounding mental health, said Mary Kay Gilhooly, Director, Global Wellbeing at Adobe. “We’re proud to join the StigmaFree Workplace Advisory Council and build on our collaboration with NAMI, an organization that shares our commitment to positive mental wellbeing.” “We look forward to continuing to work with NAMI to support mental health and eliminate stigma in the workplace,” said Greg Marchand, Director of Benefits Strategy at Boeing. “For decades, NAMI has been at the forefront of advocating for mental health, paving the way for discussions and destigmatization long before it became a widespread concern. I am thrilled to be part of this task force, working to emphasize mental health's critical role in the workplace. Our findings from the Calm Business study reveal that work is a primary cause of mental health strain. Collaborating with industry leaders, we aim to demonstrate that prioritizing employees' mental well-being is not just a luxury—it's an essential, benefiting both individuals and the overall business performance,” said Carolyn DiVine, VP of Communications & Policy at Calm. “Wellbeing is the foundation of the Miraval Resorts & Spas experience for both guests and colleagues. Our ongoing collaboration with NAMI has allowed us to focus on mental wellbeing, make a lasting, positive impact and provide meaningful tools to build resilience and live a balanced life,” said Susan Santiago, SVP of Lifestyle & Operations at Miraval. “Involvement with NAMI’s StigmaFree Workplace Advisory Council creates another intentional opportunity for us to support integrative, whole-person wellbeing in the professional space.” “At OLLY we believe in whole-body wellbeing, which includes both physical and mental health. To fully embrace this mission, we recognize that change begins within our own workplace. This is why we’re committed to transforming our internal culture to radically center around mental wellness, as part of our ongoing effort to destigmatize the conversation,” said Lynda Tran, VP of People + Culture at OLLY. “We’re incredibly proud to partner with NAMI to provide access to critical resources for those in need – joining the StigmaFree Workplace Advisory Council alongside other like-minded businesses is a necessary step in creating a future that champions better wellbeing, for all.” “NAMI’s StigmaFree Workplace initiative could not be better timed. Every day employers are seeking help with the growing mental health need among U.S. workers and their families. We are honored to continue partnering with NAMI on creating mentally healthy work environments for millions of Americans,” said Adele Spallone, Head of Clinical Operations at The Hartford. The National Alliance on Mental Illness is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness. Join the conversation at: NAMI.org | Facebook.com/nami | Instagram.com/namicommunicate | Twitter.com/namicommunicate | TikTok.com/@nami | LinkedIn.com/company/nami | YouTube.com/NAMIvideo


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