2021 Research Award

2021 Scientific Research Award

2021 Scientific Research Award

NAMI is pleased to announce that Gail Daumit, M.D., MHS, FACP, and A. Eden Evins, M.D., MPH, will receive the NAMI 2021 Scientific Research Award for their tireless work in the mental health field at the Inspiring Hope Through Research virtual event on Oct. 6, 2021.

Watch the recording of the Inspiring Hope Through Research Event:

About the Honorees

Dr. Gail DaumitDr. Daumit is Samsung Professor of Medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Director of the Johns Hopkins NIMH ALACRITY Center for Health and Longevity for Mental Illness. She is a practicing general internist, epidemiologist and mental health services researcher devoted to improving physical health and decreasing premature mortality for persons living with serious mental illness. She has led NIH-funded research focused on understanding and narrowing these health disparities for more than 20 years. She has participated in developing guidelines for the World Health Organization to address physical health conditions in serious mental illnesses. She is also Vice Dean of Clinical Investigation at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Dr. A. Eden EvinsDr. Evins is Founding Director of the Center for Addiction Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and Director for Faculty Development in the Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry. She is The Cox Family Professor of Psychiatry in the Field of Addiction Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She studies addictive disorders and their treatment and has focused on the effect of nicotine on cognitive performance, risk-taking, and reactivity to drug-related cues and the relationship between cue reactivity and relapse to drug use. She also studies the effect of cannabis on psychiatric symptoms, cognitive function, addictive behaviors and brain function. Her studies have changed clinical practice guidelines for tobacco smoking cessation for people with and without serious mental illness.

2021 Research Event Program


About the Award

The NAMI Scientific Research Award is supported by the Peter Corbin Kohn Endowment. The Award recognizes the work of researchers who move our scientific understanding and treatment of mental illness forward. We hope you will join us to pay tribute to our honorees and recognize their outstanding contributions and achievements. This year’s event will provide a unique opportunity for people in the NAMI community to participate virtually.