Rajeev Jain, PhD, MBA

Nominated by NAMI Central Texas
Member, NAMI Central Texas
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Specific Strengths and Attributes:

  • Diversity of age, race, ethnicity, language, experience and national geography
  • Knowledge of the philanthropic community and track record with donor cultivation
  • Experience with a variety of revenue models and financial oversight and management
  • Human capital management including professional experience in human resources and personnel development & management
  • Legal and risk management

Additional NAMI Involvement:

  • NAMI Central Texas – DEI workgroup and Finance Committee

Other Board Service:

  • Financial Literacy Coalition of Central Texas, Board of Directors (President, 2016-2017; Vice President, 2014; Treasurer, 2013)

Relationship to Mental Health:

  • Individual with first-person experience of mental health condition; Family member or direct/front-line support of someone with a mental health condition

Candidate Strengths Assessment

The candidate indicated they have experience in the following areas that will help NAMI achieve its mission and strategic goals:

  • Adult Education, Business/Nonprofit Leadership, Banking/Trusts/Investments, Research/Academia, Risk Management, Financial Management/Accounting, Business/Nonprofit Administration, Philanthropy/Donor Cultivation, Program Research/Evaluation

Estimated years of experience in the above areas:

  • 15

The candidate indicated they have connections and networks in the following areas:

  • Information Technology, Corporate Responsibility, Philanthropy, Real Estate, Social Media, Marketing/Public Relations, Traditional Media

Additional information about the connections and networks:

  • Personal and cultural affinity towards the Indian subcontinent diaspora. Professional reach especially broad across marketing, analytics, finance and analytics circles.

Candidate Leadership Style

The candidate indicated the following descriptors represent their leadership style:

  • Consensus Builder, Data Driven, Devil's Advocate, Outcome-Oriented, Peacemaker, Process Thinker, Risk Averse, Risk Taker, Innovator, Team Player

As an immigrant who has lived in different socioeconomic settings in the US over last 30+ years, I see how people navigate various cultural, economic and demographic boundaries. While such boundaries are often cited as barriers, they can also become opportunities for propagating NAMI messaging in new ways to new audiences and new donor pools.

Board service for a non-profit imparting financial literacy to the under-served populations for over four years has given me valuable experience in donor cultivation. I believe donors appreciate a sincerity of approach, recognition and respect while also looking for their giving to be impactful. Representing NAMI to potential donors would be an honor for me as the cause of mental health and wellness is very close to my heart.

My professional experience has included complex cross-functional roles spanning finance, technology, marketing and strategy. This will help me guide NAMI towards an appropriate financial management and governance model suitable as an umbrella of many chapters and affiliates with very diverse individual financial and programmatic needs and resources. I earned a formal “Financial Risk Manager” certificate in 2010, and continue to learn more about the tragic intersection of criminal justice and mental health.

My most enjoyable moments at work have been when I have made a difference in the work experience of others. I look forward to supporting the NAMI leadership in developing appropriate policies and an organizational culture that promotes growth of staff members and volunteers at all levels of the organization.

I have personally helped advance the NAMI mission in my community by serving on the DEI working group and the Finance committee for NAMI Central Texas.

In serving on a non-profit working board over several years, I progressed through the roles of Treasurer, Vice President, and then President, recruiting and onboarding new board members, balancing professional skill and raw passion on the board, and succession planning at the conclusion of my term limit. In corporate environments, I promote collaboration and consensus-building, strive to be a calming influence, and resolve conflict and ambiguity by creating the space for a clearer articulation of assumptions and intentions by various stakeholders.

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