NAMI Support Groups

NAMI support groups are peer-led and provide participants the opportunity to share their experiences with mental health conditions and receive support from other attendees. NAMI currently offers two support groups:

  • NAMI Connection
    • For people with mental health conditions. This program is also available in Spanish, NAMI Conexión.
  • NAMI Family Support Group
    • For family members, partners and friends of people with mental health conditions.

Each group provides a safe space to address the challenges presented by mental health conditions regardless of the specific diagnosis, while emphasizing NAMI's messages of hope and community. The groups are free of charge and confidential.

Together We Care. Together We Share.

Together We Care. Together We Share. is a new campaign in partnership with Kohl’s Cares that speaks to the impact of NAMI support groups. We are thrilled to share a suite of materials to help the NAMI Alliance spread the word about NAMI Support Groups in your community and across the U.S. These materials have been created in partnership with Kohl’s, following a $2 million grant focused on expanding our reach and serving more underreached communities.

Campaign Materials

Message Guide

  • The Message Guide provides language to help communicate clearly about NAMI Support Groups, the purpose of the $2 million grant and why the expansion of NAMI Support Groups is critical.
  • This document is not for public distribution, but please reference it as you develop any campaign-related communications.

Newsletter & Bulletin Language

  • The newsletter & bulletin language helps explain NAMI Support Group expansion efforts, shares their benefits and reassures community members that they are not alone. We have included language for both internal and public-facing communications.
  • Please incorporate into planned communications internally and externally as you see fit.

Fact Sheet

  • The fact sheet is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to learn more about NAMI Support Groups.
  • Please disseminate widely in-person and online as appropriate. This asset is also printable in black and white ink.


  • The poster was designed for use in Kohl’s stores nationally, but it can also be used in your communities as appropriate.
  • If desired, please print and share within your community. This asset is also printable in black and white ink.

Customizable Flyers

  • The customizable flyers can be printed or shared online within your community to boost general awareness about NAMI Support Groups. Additionally, there is editable text that can be updated for specific needs as you see fit, whether for sharing partnerships, announcements or meetings.
  • Please disseminate widely within your community. This asset is also printable in black and white ink.

Social Media Graphics and Post Copy

  • The social media graphics and post copy are intended for use on your unique social channels. The social media suite of materials includes a visual guide to pair social graphics with template post copy, the social graphics themselves and one GIF.
  • We recommend sharing 1-2 graphics per week to build awareness.

Spanish Language Materials

There are select materials available in Spanish to reach a broader audience. These materials include:

Please Note: We only recommend including on your website if you have Spanish language support groups available as well as Spanish language copy on appropriate landing pages. This will help facilitate the best user journey for Spanish speakers.

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]. We thank you sincerely for your efforts.

Help Center

Visit our Help Center to learn about and share knowledge on a variety of topics, including NAMI 360, membership management, the NAMI Convention, Helpline FAQ, class reporting and more.