Welcome to the NAMI On Campus resource page!

If you’ve reached this page, then you have gone through the proper steps to get your NAMI On Campus Club approved by your college or high school and have been working with your NAMI State Organization (NSO) and/or NAMI Affiliate (NA).

*If not, please STOP and go back to our general NAMI On Campus page to find out how to start the process of becoming an official NAMI On Campus Club.

If you’re an official NAMI On Campus Club – CONGRATULATIONS!

These resources will help you run and maintain a successful NAMI On Campus that meets the needs of YOUR school. 

If at any time your club, with support from your local NAMI, needs resources that aren’t on these pages, please contact namioncampus@nami.org with your requests.

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Help Center

Visit our Help Center to learn about and share knowledge on a variety of topics, including NAMI 360, membership management, the NAMI Convention, Helpline FAQ, class reporting and more.