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Staff Directory

Abigail Colodner Information, Support and Education
Amy Hutchinson Strategic Alliances and Development
Anais Nin Information, Support and Education
Andrew Sperling Advocacy and Public Policy
Angela Kimball Advocacy and Public Policy
Anita Herron Information, Support and Education
Beth Monroe Finance and Human Resources
Blythe Laney Finance and Human Resources
Bob Scott Field Advancement
Brandon Graham Advocacy and Public Policy
Britzel Zuñiga Internal Strategy and Support
Cheri Villa Senior Leadership Team
Christine Allen Marketing and Communications
Chuck Harman Strategic Alliances and Development
Danya Haywood Internal Strategy and Support
Darcey Mamone Field Advancement
David Levy Finance and Human Resources
Dawn Brown Internal Strategy and Support
Don LammTest Communications and Marketing
Don Lamm Marketing and Communications
Elizabeth Monrad Field Advancement
Gustavo Guerrero Strategic Alliances and Development
Hanem Ali Internal Strategy and Support
Hannah Wesolowski Advocacy and Public Policy
Heidi Guglielmino Internal Strategy and Support
James Stewart Internal Strategy and Support
Jennifer Rothman Information, Support and Education
Jessica Hart Advocacy and Public Policy
Jessica Edwards Strategic Alliances and Development
Jessica Murnin Finance and Human Resources
Julie Erickson Information, Support and Education
Juno Pitchford Internal Strategy and Support
Karen Gerndt Information, Support and Education
Katrina Gay Strategic Alliances and Development
Kelly Griffin Field Advancement
Ken Duckworth Information, Support and Education
Kris Eschman Field Advancement
Laura Usher Advocacy and Public Policy
Laura Kiel Finance and Human Resources
Laura "Luna" Greenstein Marketing and Communications
Lauren Gleason Marketing and Communications
Liz Taylor Field Advancement
Liz Norton Internal Strategy and Support
Lynne Saunders Field Advancement
MaJosé Carrasco Field Advancement
Marguerite Leishman Internal Strategy and Support
Maria-Jose Lopez Information, Support and Education
Mary Giliberti Senior Leadership Team
Michelle Vaughan Strategic Alliances and Development
Nathan Lemon Marketing and Communications
Renata Ponichtera Field Advancement
Ronald Honberg Advocacy and Public Policy
Ross Kerr Information, Support and Education
Sara Mallick Strategic Alliances and Development
Sarah O'Brien Information, Support and Education
Saunji Fyffe Field Advancement
Shannon Scully Advocacy and Public Policy
Shelley Miller Internal Strategy and Support
Sue Medford Senior Leadership Team
Susan Gaffney Field Advancement
Suzanne Robinson Information, Support and Education
Tanya Ryder Information, Support and Education
Teri Brister Information, Support and Education
Valerie Hunter Field Advancement
Wayne Baldaro Field Advancement
Will Jarred Marketing and Communications